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82 edición de la Quincena Musical 82 edición de la Quincena Musical

The Musical Fortnight closed its 82nd edition on the road of recovery

The 82nd Musical Fortnight of San Sebastián came to an end with a concert by the Budapest Festival Orchestra, conducted by Ivan Fischer and accompanied on the piano by Dejan Lazic, performing Ravel’s Concerto in G. This event took place on Friday, August 27th at 7:30 pm at the Kursaal Auditorium. 

The Budapest Festival Orchestra, considered one of the 10 best orchestras in the world, is the international symphonic ensemble that most visited the Festival in its recent history. On this occasion, after a restricted past edition due to the pandemic, they were in charge of culminating a Fortnight committed to recovery, both in volume of concerts and international visibility and also through a greater presence of choral music, one of its hallmarks. All expectations of a return to a certain degree of normality were met.

Quincena Musical 2021 Musika Hamabostaldia

18.249 participants to 74 music events, held with a seating capacity limited by more than 50%, and an average occupancy of 95%.

In a Covid-19 context, the adoption of strict measures and the cooperation of the general public ensured normality has been the general trend.

On the artistic level, the great success of international orchestras and soloists stands out, as well as the significant presence of Basque composers, musicians, and ensembles.

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