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Cantoría (Artziniega)

Cantoría (Artziniega)

The art of the Iberian Mediterranean is full of contrasts between ardour and devotion. This program shows how carnal desire and religious devotion merge with mastery in this repertoire, with parallel winks to popular culture, courtly refinement and religious tradition, in a theatre of virgins, cuckolds, saints and demons.

Organized by: Musical Fortnight and Provincial Council of Alava

 The Walking Fortnight

2019.08.04 - 20:45

Nuestra Señora de la Asunció Church (Artziniega)


Inés Alonso, soprano
Samuel Tapia, counter tenor
Jorge Losana, tenor and conductor
Valentín Miralles, bass


"Vicious tongues": works by Guerrero, Cárceres, Flecha and anonymous authors

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