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Orchestre de Paris / Donostia Choral Society / Orfeoi Txikia

Orchestre de Paris / Donostia Choral Society / Orfeoi Txikia

Britten, militant pacifist, composed this requiem for the reconsecration of Coventry Cathedral, after the destruction of this city, which has remained in the symbolic memory of humanity as an example of the barbarity of war.

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 Kursaal Auditorium

2019.08.21 - 20:00

Kursaal Auditorium


Orchestre de Paris
Orfeón Donostiarra
(Sainz Alfaro, choir director)
Orfeoi Txikia
(Klara Mendizabal y Esteban Urzelai, choir directors)

Daniel Harding, conductor
Emma Bell, soprano
Andrew Staples, tenor
Florian Boesch, baritone


War Requiem, op. 66 (80 ')


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