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Musical Screenings: Concerts for piano by Beethoven (N.1, N.2, N.3)

Musical Screenings: Concerts for piano by Beethoven (N.1, N.2, N.3)

Trueba Theatres (of Sade Group) will host again the usual musical screenings with the aim of offering to movies fans the keys of the main works that will be heard during the Fortnight. The screenings will take place on the following days: 

5th-9th August

Trueba Theatres (Sade Group)

Organized by: Donostia Musika
Colaborator: Musika Hamabostaldia / SADE



2019.08.08 - 17:30

Trueba Theatres (Sade Group)




It is necessary to pre-register to participate in this event. Limited places.

A maximum of 1 adult per child will be admitted, in activities addressed to all audiences.
For events with fee, the bank receipt must be included, corresponding to the number of participating children (adults do not pay).
The deposit will be made in this account: ES27 3035 0060 4606 00148229.

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