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San Sebastián Sounds out 80th Musical Fortnight

San Sebastián Sounds out 80th Musical Fortnight

Summer of 1939 saw the first edition of San Sebastián’s Musical Fortnight, one of the oldest music festivals in Europe that has received and continues to receive public affection and respect.

This exhibition shows the festival’s greatest milestones, noteworthy names and some of the social aspects that shaped it up until our times, along with two installations by sound artist Mikel Arce.

This all forms part of the kaleidoscope of images and sounds the depicts a way of understanding music. Music that communicates, crosses borders, excites, creates and moves the people. A shared history.

Organized by:
San Telmo Museoa / Musical Fortnight


2019.07.11 - 09:00

San Telmo Museum


From 2019/07/11 until 2019/09/1

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