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Stephen Hough

Stephen Hough

Música Callada (Silent Music) by F. Mompou.

“All music goes beyond words, but these 28 short pieces go beyond music too. They are a fast from intellect and emotion, the two factors that have inspired and driven Western music from the Renaissance onwards. They are a cleansing but not an austerity. There is no negativity here.

Just as a fast is actually a celebration of food, in its proper place and measure, so these pieces treasure the vibrations in the air which our ear catches and embraces. There is no cynicism here; there is no posing; no minimalistic gimmicks.

In the course of the hour ahead you may feel hunger and distraction as the music draws us deeper and deeper beyond itself. In a way each of these pieces is a Study, in tonal control but also in patience and reverence resulting in a profound calm, alert and alive.

I’ve requested no applause at the end. Not that I don’t appreciate your presence here but I don’t want us to miss the sound of angels in case they should join us as the last C major chord dies away.”


Chamber Music Cycle

2021.08.18 - 19:30

San Telmo Museum


Stephen Hough, piano



It is necessary to pre-register to participate in this event. Limited places.

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